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With another school year in full swing, many extra-curricular sports are starting up again. Participation in organized sports is a great way for youth and adults to stay active and healthy, but they can also result in injuries.

Each year, we see countless athletes who have sustained a knee injury while playing sports. Depending on the type of knee injury, we have a few knee brace options available.

For minor injuries that are not severe enough to warrant a custom knee brace, we work with our clients to find a higher-end off-the-shelf brace that provides them with the support they need. When buying an off-the-shelf brace, we have access to a wide variety of supports that are difficult to find elsewhere. Another benefit is that even though these braces aren’t customized, we are still able to properly fit them to maximize their effectiveness.

In situations where an athlete has sustained acute knee injuries, such as meniscal tears or injuries to one of the four major ligaments of the knee, we fit them with a custom knee brace. These knee braces are designed to provide customized support where the athlete needs it most. With proper use of their customized brace, athletes are able to recover more quickly, allowing them to safely return to the sports they love sooner.

For chronic knee pain (eg. arthritis of the knee) patients can greatly benefit from the use of a custom unloading knee brace. These knee braces are effective at transferring the load from the damaged part of the knee onto the healthier region. They can be very effective at reducing pain and improving mobility and quality of like. As registered providers under the Assistive Devices Program, we have access to government funding for the treatment of arthritis of the knee with custom knee bracing.

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