Orthopedic Shoes & Footwear in Guelph

Footwear plays an important role in biomechanical function and stability of the foot, ankle, knee, and hip. The design and the fit of orthopedic footwear can affect every aspect of your gait and mobility.

At Applied Biomechanics, we carry a variety of walking and athletic shoes, as well as therapeutic and orthopedic footwear. We also have a large selection of quality orthopedic sandals.

All of our footwear, including our sandals, are orthotic-friendly to accommodate custom-made foot orthotics and orthopedic shoe inserts. Many designs are especially well-suited to work with orthopedic and neuromuscular foot and leg braces for both adults and children.

How to Choose An Orthopedic Shoe

When it comes to selecting an orthopedic shoe for yourself, there is no such thing as the ‘best orthopedic shoe’ for everyone. Similar to regular shoes, you need to take some time to find the right footwear for your specific physical shape, biomechanical condition, and lifestyle.

Orthopedic shoes are specially designed to accommodate orthotics or orthoses, but not every shoe will work with every type of device. The important thing is to find a shoe that works in combination with your device and provides a complete footwear solution that is tailored to match your condition.

If you are struggling to choose the right orthopedic shoe, we recommend following these steps to make your decision:

Get Fitted for Your Orthotic & Your Shoe

One of the most common causes of uncomfortable orthotics is incorrectly-fitted footwear. Before you start searching for an orthopedic shoe, you should always get fitted for your orthotic first.

At Applied Biomechanics, our team includes both professional orthotists, who are trained to fit your orthotics, and pedorthists, who are trained to fit you for shoes, and we can help you accomplish both tasks together.

When getting fitted, you should have both feet measured as there can be a slight size difference and this should be taken into account. It is also generally better to have your measurements taken at the end of the day, when your feet will be swollen from your habitual pattern of sitting or standing, and to wear a typical pair of socks.

Find the Right Fit for Your Biomechanical Condition

When being fitted for a pair of orthopedic footwear, it is important to choose an option that matches your particular foot issues.

For example, if you have overpronated or flat feet, you will need a shoe that provides adequate support to prevent your ankle from rolling inwards when you walk. Conversely, if you are experiencing supination or over-arched feet, then you will be looking for a shoe with more cushioning to reduce the tendency of rolling outward.

Every person’s biomechanics will be slightly different and two people with the same condition may need different footwear, depending on a variety of factors. A professional pedorthist will be able to assist you and help you find the right fit to help improve your biomechanics.

Consider How Your Lifestyle Will Affect Your Shoe

The final factor to consider when selecting a shoe is your lifestyle. Are you someone who is very active in the outdoors and will need a more rugged shoe to deal with uneven terrain? Do you work in a professional setting and require a dressier shoe for work?

At Applied Biomechanics, we can offer various types of footwear for different situations. From athletics shoes to orthopedic sandals, hiking boots to dress shoes, we can help find a customized footwear solution that will be the correct fit for your lifestyle.

Our Selection of Orthopedic Footwear

At Applied Biomechanics, we are proud to offer quality orthotic-friendly footwear, including shoes, sandals, boots, and more, from the following manufacturers:

newbalance orthotics guelph

New Balance Footwear

New Balance is a global leader in athletic footwear and fitness apparel. Their products offer a great blend of function and fashion, while giving you the performance technology you need and the style you want. From sports to running to work shoes and even sandals, they have something for every situation.

Best Sellers:

  • 840 running/walking shoe
  • 1540 running/walking shoe
  • 847 walking shoe
cambrian orthotics guelph

Cambrian Sandals

Cambrian footwear is engineered to provide the ultimate in comfort and support. Made of the finest leathers, Cambrian sandals feature very supportive removable footbeds that accommodate custom orthotics.

Best Sellers:

  • Mariner mens sandal
  • Agean womens sandal
  • Sylvan womens sandal
brooks orthotics guelph

Brooks Running Shoes

Brooks is a Seattle-based manufacturer of high-quality running shoes and apparel. At Brooks, their goal is to build the best running shoes on the planet. Their shoes are designed and tested based on biomechanical research with runners of every shape and size.

Best Sellers:

  • Ghost running/walking shoes
  • Adrenaline running/walking shoes
  • Dyad running/walking shoes
saucony orthotics guelph

Saucony Running Shoes

Saucony is a Massachusetts-based manufacturer of high-quality running shoes and apparel. Since 1898, they have been providing runners with high performance shoes through their commitment to innovation, design, and boundary-pushing products.

Best Sellers:

  • Echelon running/walking shoes
  • Ride running/walking shoes
  • Guide running/walking shoes
drew orthotics guelph

Drew Shoe

Drew Shoe is a leading provider of orthopedic shoes, diabetic shoes, and other medical shoes. They offer the variety to ensure that you will always be able to find the footwear you need to improve your comfort. With over 130 years of research backing Drew Shoe, their orthopedic shoes and diabetic shoes are on the very cutting edge of technology.

Best Sellers:

  • Warren mens sandal
  • Tulip womens shoe
  • Tempo womens shoe
redwing orthotics guelph

Red Wing Shoes

Red Wing Shoes offers a full line of premium work boots and shoes for all industries and work sites. Their goal is to create safety boots that are comfortable enough for all day wear and purpose-built to set a new standard of excellence in the industry. They also offer lines of heritage leather boots and hunting boots.

Best Sellers:

  • King toe safety shoe
  • Supersole 2.0 safety shoe
  • BRNR XP safety shoe.

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