Custom Foot Orthotics in Guelph

Our custom orthotics are made in our On-Site Lab using 3D, High-Definition Laser Imaging of your feet, and Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD CAM) of the orthotic itself.
This method provides an extremely accurate and precise measurement of the foot as compared to the traditional foam box or plaster cast method used by many clinics. The orthotic design is done on computer allowing us to maintain precise digital records of your feet and treatment, and the CAD CAM manufacturing takes advantage of advanced materials and designs not possible with the more traditional manufacturing methods.
Foot Orthotics For Arthritis & Diabetes

Foot Orthotics For Arthritis & Diabetes

Custom foot orthotics can dramatically improve the comfort and mobility of people affected by Diabetes and Arthritic conditions. Learn more about how Applied Biomechanics can help you.
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Foot Orthotics For Sports & Athletes

Athletes can benefit immensely from performance foot orthotics for sports. They will make you more comfortable and can help restore optimal biomechanics and improve your performance.
Foot Orthotics For Work & Leisure 
Foot Orthotics For Work & Leisure

Foot Orthotics For Work & Leisure

Whether it is a long day at work or looking forward to an active evening or weekend, custom-made foot orthotics can help you stay pain free and get the most from your activities.

Foot Orthotics Design Process

Our custom foot orthotics start with a comprehensive biomechanical foot and lower extremity assessment.  We look for signs and symptoms of foot pathomechanics that can lead to foot and leg pain and diminished lower extremity function. Callous and corn formations can indicate poor pressure distribution, where toe positions and bunions may indicate alignment problems leading to hyperpronation and pain.  Measurement of specific forefoot and rearfoot angles and arch function can be an accurate predictor of gait issues which are then analyzed on their own using our gait walkway or treadmill.

Image capture of the foot shape and specific angles is done using our state of the art 3D Laser Foot Scanner.

The captured foot images are then used to design the appropriate style and configuration for your custom made foot orthotics.

After the orthotics are computer designed they are milled out to exacting standards using CNC milling machines.

Your orthotics are then ready to be fit to your foot and various footwear.