Foot Orthotics for Sports & Athletes

Athletes can benefit immensely from performance foot orthotics for sports. Not only will they make your runs and other physical activities more comfortable, but they can help restore optimal biomechanics and improve your performance.

new balance 1080 orthotic guelphApplied Biomechanics has helped Olympic athletes, University of Guelph Cross Country and Track and Field athletes, NCAA and OUAA basketball players, University varsity hockey players, National and Provincial level cyclists, and countless High School and recreational athletes.  Each athlete in their individual sports has their own set of unique challenges that they need addressed and we truly enjoy the challenge of breaking the sport down and learning how we can help them.

In the short term, performance foot orthotics will give you a more efficient stride, which means you’ll move faster while using less energy. In the long term, custom orthotics can prevent repetitive strain injuries such as anterior tibialis tendonitis (shin splints), plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis as well as knee and hip problems.

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